100 Theme challenge

  • Have any of you done this challenge from deviantart? I am thinking of doing it with a focus on each illustration being a children's book illustration. Not all the same book probably but that genre.

    The list:

    1. Introduction
    2. Love
    3. Light
    4. Dark
    5. Seeking Solace
    6. Break Away
    7. Heaven
    8. Innocence
    9. Drive
    10. Breathe Again
    11. Memory
    12. Insanity
    13. Misfortune
    14. Smile
    15. Silence
    16. Questioning
    17. Blood
    18. Rainbow
    19. Gray
    20. Fortitude
    21. Vacation
    22. Mother Nature
    23. Cat
    24. No Time
    25. Trouble Lurking
    26. Tears
    27. Foreign
    28. Sorrow
    29. Happiness
    30. Under the Rain
    31. Flowers
    32. Night
    33. Expectations
    34. Stars
    35. Hold My Hand
    36. Precious Treasure
    37. Eyes
    38. Abandoned
    39. Dreams
    40. Rated
    41. Teamwork
    42. Standing Still
    43. Dying
    44. Two Roads
    45. Illusion
    46. Family
    47. Creation
    48. Childhood
    49. Stripes
    50. Breaking the Rules
    51. Sport
    52. Deep in Thought
    53. Keeping a Secret
    54. Tower
    55. Waiting
    56. Danger Ahead
    57. Sacrifice
    58. Kick in the Head
    59. No Way Out
    60. Rejection
    61. Fairy Tale
    62. Magic
    63. Do Not Disturb
    64. Multitasking
    65. Horror
    66. Traps
    67. Playing the Melody
    68. Hero
    69. Annoyance
    70. 67%
    71. Obsession
    72. Mischief Managed
    73. I Can't
    74. Are You Challenging Me?
    75. Mirror
    76. Broken Pieces
    77. Test
    78. Drink
    79. Starvation
    80. Words
    81. Pen and Paper
    82. Can You Hear Me?
    83. Heal
    84. Out Cold
    85. Spiral
    86. Seeing Red
    87. Food
    88. Pain
    89. Through the Fire
    90. Triangle
    91. Drowning
    92. All That I Have
    93. Give Up
    94. Last Hope
    95. Advertisement
    96. In the Storm
    97. Safety First
    98. Puzzle
    99. Solitude
    100. Relaxation


  • @Stephanie-Hider Great challenge. I'll do it if you do. I'll probably post mine to Instagram though: https://www.instagram.com/carlossketches/

    Introduction will be hard to think of. Hmm....

  • @carlossketches Nice lets do it I'll post mine on my doodling site http://stephisdoodling.com/

    You don't have to do them in order by the way

  • Good gravy! That list would probably take me 500 years!

  • @gimmehummus I think someone posted that it took them several years actually. I don't think it's supposed to be a weekender =p

  • I have attempted this list twice with two different personal projects....and I still have yet to complete either. xD It's always so much more intense than I think it's going to be once I undertake it. Best of luck getting through it! I know of a couple of people who have and the ways in which their art improves over the course of the time it takes is very inspiring.

    There's also the 100 palette challenge. Maybe you could combine the two if you need extra inspiration when you get stuck on a prompt?

  • I don't even know what some of those mean.

  • @mattramsey that's why it's a challenge 🙂

  • @mattramsey said:

    I don't even know what some of those mean.

    if you start singing what is love, baby don't hurt me... I'm gonna hurt you!

    @Kasey Snow whoa! I thought this challenge was hard... you guys are ambitious, good luck to all of you!

  • @Kasey-Snow Not sure about that but I am thinking of combining #illustrationfriday & #colour_collective with this that way I am doing one a week. Illustration friday might not work all of the time however as it is a prompt that might be too boxed in but this week it is "soar" which I know I could do with a color and one from up there. I am going to start after the holidays I think sort of a year in this endeavor see how I am in Jan 2017. 😃

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