• Hi everyone. I joined SVS some time ago but finally I had the initiative/courage to introduce myself. I love drawing and painting and creating illustrations. I didn't have a formal art education though, I mainly learned, and am still learning, with courses online and taking a few classes here and there. I mainly work traditionally with acrylic paint, colored pencils and inking pens but I am thinking now to start combining traditional and digital. I am enjoying SVS very much, the instructors are really good, and I am really impressed with the quality of everyone's work here. I am hoping to improve my art and be inspired by the art of everyone here.

  • Hi Catarina! Welcome to SVS and the forum! Many of us don't have formal education in art but have a common goal to learn and improve ourselves as illustrators/creators. So you're in the right boat! Everyone here is super kind and helpful and provides valuable feedback which really propels one to create better art every day! I hope to see you share your work here as well 🙂

  • @catarina-c Welcome to the forum Catrina. As @Neha-Rawat said, everyone is extremely helpful here. It's a great community. Looking forward to seeing your artwork in the forum. ♥

  • Welcome!

  • SVS OG

    @catarina-c Hello! Welcome to the forum

  • Thank you all for the warm welcoming.

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