Coloring Page - Feedback Needed ASAP

  • I was asked by a local non-profit that I have worked with called Art Buddies to create a couple of coloring pages. These will go into a creativity packet that will be distributed to some local homeless shelters where the kids they regularly serve are sheltering in place. They had distributed about 2500 of these and got requests for another 2000 for other shelters.

    Here is a link to their website if you are interested: Art Buddies

    I am using some characters I have been working on for a new book and put them in a different situation. These will be 8.5x11 portrait. Here is my sketch for the first one. Any quick feedback would be great. Remember these will be colored so I will finish them as line art only.

    Any thoughts on layout, design, or other things to add that might make the story more fun to color would be helpful.


  • Sorry, I forgot to say. The characters are ducklings that have been adopted by an old bachelor owl.

  • Hi Jesse! What a great cause and an adorable concept! ❤ I don't know what age group this is for, but if it's for slightly older kids, maybe you could include more details like toys on the floor, posters on the wall, a pattern on the bedspread, etc. Otherwise, it's. a great image!

  • @aprilshin thanks. On my final I put some more details in. I will post this one and the other finished one tomorrow.

  • Here are the finals. I added some detail but not too much as the age group has a very wide range.

    If nothing else my boys have enjoyed coloring them already!


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