Feedback for short film :)

  • Hello guys! 🙂

    So this post is a little different than most of the other posts! (I thope it's okay that this is not completely about illustration)
    I'm an animation and game student and because of the corona situation we are making projects all by ourselves for this semester. This semester I am making a short and I thought I could ask you for feedback!

    This is my logline: Karl goes from room to room and tries to fit in. First he visits the business men, then a party of the cool kids, later the gamers and after them the sports people. Will he find the place where he belongs?
    (the logline is still a bit crappy sorry : D)

    and this is my animatic (for everyone that doesn't know animatics: It's a very broken down version of a movie - kind of an animated storyboard)

    these are my character designs (so you can imagine everything better)

    do you understand what's going on? do you get what the bird(s) are about? Do you have critique/ideas for certain parts of the short? any other critiques?

    I only have time until wednesday so if you're later than that I unfortunately can't do anything with your feedback anymore.
    Thanks for anyone who takes the time to watch it! : ) I'm thrilled to know what you think

  • Hi @Juli, love it! I can’t wait to see the finished movie!