Tips and critique - composition sketch

  • Hey.

    So.. I need feedback on composition and value of a sketch before I start to refine it. It hurts to put out something that's so rough and unfinished. But I am trying to do this right 🙂 IMG_20200419_004056.jpg

  • This looks great so far! You've nailed the emotional impact. Just a few ideas- feel free to ignore!

    1. Maybe bring up foot of the bed.

    2. Put a piece of furniture to left of comp to keep our eye in the piece. Right now the lamp light kind of takes us out and the left too much.

    3. Maybe darken the top of the piece a little.


  • Thank you for your feedback! And I totally agree now that you mention these things 😃 I am so happy! A new set of eyes really make a difference 🙂

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