How to Draw Everything - Demo Assignments

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    Here are the 4 draw-alongs I did for the Foundations class. I had a ton of fun doing traditional again. I wish the reddish color pencil I used showed up in the photos I took but I opted to crush it out for efficiency in compositing this.

    Looking forward to the next class! (Using the 30 day free trial!)

  • hey thats great! i reaally like what youve done there. the details on your illustrations are really well drawn!
    i already did this course once traditionally, before i bought my Wacom but as i went further i decided i wanted to go back to the drawing basics, but this time digitally as i was finding it hard to get used to using my tablet. so to practise i drew these trees. for some reason i couldn't access the videos so just used what i remembered learning
    trees small.jpg

  • trees small.jpg

    sorry i dont think i uploaded that correctly
    there we go

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