Hello! On my journey to become a serious artist

  • Hey I'm Ken,

    I'm a 29 yo husband and father of two toddler girls. Over the last couple of years I've made lot of changes to pursue my creative passion. I am on a journey to find my way into a creative role doing what I love, creating.

    There's been lots of analyzing and asking what I wanted to do specifically. While I'm still honing down on exactly what, I've really come to enjoy character design and illustration mediums. I feel like I've been doing nothing but learning and studying for 2 years now but I know there's so much more to learn and try. I've moved into digital on Procreate but dabble in traditional (mostly sketches).

    I know getting into an artistic community is important so I've been working on engaging with other creators. I recently stumbled upon the podcast and heard there was a forum so I'm checking in here now.

    Hope to hang with you and I'll see you around.

  • Welcome @Kenneth-Michael!

  • And a hearty hello to you @Kenneth-Michael . This forum is definitely a great place to hang; good people, fun conversations, and, perhaps most importantly, lots and lots of incredible art (and incredibly art advice). If you do it right, the learning never stops. Enjoy the ride!


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  • Hello @Kenneth-Michael - Nice to meet you! 🙂

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