Hi there - Drawing & illustrating as new working identity?

  • Hi, I'm Jenny and not even sure I want to be an illustrator. I just want to learn to draw better so I'm able to tell my story 'more fluently'. It's limiting to only draw the backsides of people...

    Right now I'm at the stage where I can draw something that I meant to draw and it looks like I wanted to AND I'm surprised that I actually drew this.

    Since living and working in Japan, I'm drawn to slice-of-life manga and Manga essay. Last summer, I worked with the help of a coursera course on a mini comic about one aspect of my life as a garden apprentice in Kyoto (https://90daysinkyoto.com/the-tiniest-garden-webcomic/). That's when I discovered the 3 Point Perspective podcast. I've been following it ever since, wondering why, since I actually identify as a writer.

    I have already spent a lot of time on writing a memoir about my Japanese gardening experience. Now I wonder if a collection of short comic essays would make it easier and more fun to communicate my story and some background knowledge.

    I'm looking forward to drawing more and looking over the shoulders of you talented people.

  • Welcome! And I believe we are following each other on Instagram! I remember seeing your handle 90daysinkyoto and thinking what a cool handle it was.

    Your drawings are terrific!

  • Hi and thank you for the welcome! I think I stumbled on your etsy store?
    It seems we share the same motivation for drawing - communicating something that is important to us - drawing/creating comics or zines to share our view of the world.

    I also don't have many artist friends, so I'm happy to have found this community. If you're interested, please have a look at my mini comic here: https://90daysinkyoto.com/the-tiniest-garden-webcomic/ I printed it and have it on shelfs of three indie comic shops in the Boston area.

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    @jfeuer hi! Welcome to tye forum

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