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  • Can I ask which app you all are finding best for family gatherings? I'd like to gather my family..6 siblings and spouses and children and grand children. 35-40 people together long enough to sing happy birthday for my mothers 90th birthday which she will celebrate, like many others, in quarentine. Any suggestions?

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    You can use it on smartphone iPad or computer so everyone could potentially have an option to join in.
    Happy Bday Gma!!!

  • @burvantill My family is thumbs downing that option because of the security breach but I was reading if you password connect you're fine. I do still think Zoom comes out on top but we'll see if I get any other suggestions here. Thanks you for your recommendation.

  • @Deborah-Cantlon-Lambson All you have to do to prevent one of those breaches is to set up your zoom room with a password and make sure one person hosts and give all mute/unmute and screenshare powers to that host. I've been using Zoom for years and never had a problem. I think the people who set up those chats put the join-in links in a public place.

  • @Deborah-Cantlon-Lambson In addition, I've tried Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Facetime, etc. and none are as easy to use or as good with audio/visuals as Zoom... especially when it comes to having many people in the same chatroom. Google Hangouts is fine if you have just a small group. Facebook messenger, Skype, WhatsApp fine with just a few and chat only, but at those numbers 30+... Zoom. You can also try GoToMeeting, but I can't vouch for it because I haven't used it.

  • Thanks you guys..sounds like zoom right now is our best option.😃👍

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