Looking for photoshop brushes that are similar to procreate "Artist crayon" and "6b pencil" brushes.

  • There are two brushes I love in procreate "6b pencil" and "artist crayon", especially "artist crayon". I wonder if anyone has photoshop brushes that are similar to the two procreate brushes.

  • I am addicted to that 6b pencil brush! πŸ˜„

  • I basically uses these 2 procreate brushes for 95% of the painting I do in Procreate. I often start a painting in procrate, and finish it in Photoshop. I use a different set of brushes in Photoshop, which kind of work for me. But I woudl really like to have something similar to procrate brushes in PS.

  • I don't know the answer, but did you ever watch Lee's class on making photoshop brushes? It might help you learn how to simulate those brushes in photoshop? Though if there is something similar you can download that would be a lot faster!

  • @Coley thank you. yes. I am aware of Lee's class. I was hoping for a shortcut😁 (Like if someone has gone through the trouble of making the customized brushes that are more or less the same as the ones I am looking for.) If no one has doen that, I will pick up Lee's class again, and give a try myself.

  • @xin-li yes shortcuts are good! 😁 Lee's class is definitely not a shortcut LoL!!!

  • @Coley on the other hand, the knowledge really comes handy.

  • @xin-li very true! It helps more over time.

  • I have the same thoughts! Still, while a few of Kyle's brushes work to an extent, none of them quite capture the "6B Pencil" feel in Procreate. I actually took it upon myself to re-create the 6B brush for Photoshop! Here's a link to my brush set on Gumroad:


    These brushes are now my go-to sketching tools in photoshop, and I just wanna share them with anyone else who might want them!

  • I don't work in procreate, so don't know exactly what those brushes look like or how they work, but, when I read 6b, I thought of a brush I have:
    Screenshot 2021-05-21 at 08.47.38.png
    The collection in which it comes is called Frenden Pencils & Inks (don't have the link, I bought these so many years ago).

    Mitch Leeuwe also released a brushes pack recently with brushes that really look like pencil. I didn't buy it yet, but you can check, and he has a video on instagram showing the brushes I think. https://gumroad.com/mitchleeuwe

    The artist crayon I really have no idea what it looks like, but grut brushes has tons of artistic brushes, so you can try and check the website https://www.grutbrushes.com/
    I have a lot of their brushes and really like them.

    Hope something of this helps. πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for that link. I'll check that out. I'm constantly on the hunt for brushes that work and look like procreate lol. The brush engine seems to be so different I don't think you can get them to work the same though 😞

  • @neschof I pretty much use the 6B pencil exclusively πŸ™‚ It’s a great line.

  • @Marcello-Frisina @TaniaGomesArt thanks for the links. I will check them out.
    @jdubz I gave up hunting for brushes to match up procreate and Photoshop. Right now, I just use the 2 programs in different ways. I ended up sketching (thumbnails and roughs) on iPad, and paint in Photoshop. It is not so much about the brushes for me, but more the setup. I never get used to do everything in procreate when comes to do the entire book.

    @danielerossi it is pretty much the only brushes I use as well. Although for some reasons, I installed like hundreds of brushes on my procreate. LOL.

  • @xin-li At least you installed them. I downloaded some brushes a few months ago and only now remembered them. I didn’t get around to installing them!

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