Basic Perspective Final Assignment

  • Working on the final assignment for Basic Perspective. This is the first course that I've taken at SVSLearn, and I learned so much. I started the class having only done the most rudimentary perspective work before; anything I'd drawn in "perspective" had been faithfully recreated/painted from reference. Could not draw from my imagination to save my life. Now, I'm feeling a little more confident in being able to work from a perspective sketch with boxes.


    I need to finish inking the drawing & add some tone. I'm really delighted with how this turned out!

  • Finished drawing the room! A lot of choices that I made while doing this piece have pointed up my weaknesses. My grasp of tone/lighting, and using my line to reflect light sources is tenuous at best... just kind of atrocious. One step at a time, I guess! 😅



    Here's the final versus the box outline stage of the drawing. I think I'm going to try this exercise one more time with a less extreme perspective so I can work on elements that I didn't quite get for this project -- like how the doors would appear if they were open/not using the same vanishing points.... and just showing off more of the ceiling and/or floor.

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