Vehicule design assignment, C&C very welcome

  • Hi everybody, Heres two assignmets for
    vehicule design, its design a ship with reference and design a spaceship from thumbnails, I started to take more serious art in January 2020, so comments are veryyyy welcome!!!!spaceship design.jpg vehicule design 2-3.jpg

  • The robotic-legged steamboat is so clever! I'd love to see it on a t-shirt design, or a children's book. There's just a lot of fun possibilities for it. 😃

    Also, dang, that spaceship. I'm loving the space corn chip energy of it. It takes me back to the fun I'd have with the original Cylon ship designs in (1970s) Battlestar Galactica. I loved the heck out of those things, because the shapes were recognizable and relatable to a young me. Love the vibes that this one is giving out too!

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