Introduction to prop design Assignments

  • Im new to digital medium heres my assignment for this class, I went for a warlock type of lamp, c&c is very welcome!!!!!
    assignment 2-2.jpg

  • @Gas-Docs I think the warlock lamp is a great idea. I can dig it!! I'm pretty new around here and don't claim to possess any expertise, compared to some of the SVS OG's. So please take my suggestions with 7 grains of salt (and perhaps a wee pinch of finely ground celery seed [for added flavor])...

    The perspective on the middle horn seems a bit off, and I also can't quite tell how/where it attaches to the skull (drawing through might be helpful for this). The horn on the right looks like it's coming out of the skull's mouth (I'm guessing this would be one of those "Tangents" Will Terry mentions in his Creative Composition 2.0 class), rather than from behind the skull. The shading might have something to do with that, as well.

    And just to be perfectly clear... I think perspective is devil's work. I struggle with it every time I attempt to draw anything other than a stick figure—and sometimes even then!!

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