March WIP critiques welcome

  • I have been out of everything this month... it started with getting stuck in a hotel in Wyoming for spring break and then returning to COVID-19.

    I was pretty much ready to scratch March off. So, I decided to throw in on the monthly contest since I hadn't done one in a while.

    I started with a few ideas and narrowed it down to a gentle giant crossing a bridge much too small.

    Worked some character design and settled on this guy:

    Of my 20+ thumbs I liked this one the best:


    Did a value sketch:


    Upped that to a rough sketch:


    Next I will cleanup the rough (enlarge one more time). I am planning on relief printing in a sepia tone and adding watercolor after. I plan on the clothing to be all the sepia tone (stitches will be reverse, so white).

    I will also play with the watercolor and hopefully have it fade into the background when done.

    Send me any thoughts or critiques on how I could improve the image, I would love to hear.

  • Got my finished inks. I am cutting a plate now to print. I Will print over the weekend and watercolor on Monday/Tuesday.

    Just thought I would share.

    I fixed some stuff that was bothering me too... hands and lower lip. Much happier with it now.


  • Got the woodcut finished... I will watercolor on Monday.

    Photo Mar 28, 3 21 52 PM.jpg

  • Here is my final... I am pretty happy with it.

    I learned a lot and pushed my technic further than I had previously. Which is what this is about!


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