Please Help Me Finish My WIP

  • I am working on a new image and I need opinions and critiques. Do I need to crop in on the main character? This is in the rough stage right now. The blue things in the antlers will be birds. Any input is greatly appreciated!


  • Eh....?

    Really pretty by the way! I love those trees.


  • I would wait until it is further along before deciding to crop. Once you've beefed up your main subject you will know better whether he can compete with the empty space around him. Personally, I love the shadows and don't want to see them cropped just yet. It is an excellent rough sketch.

  • When we were taught to frame a picture with an outline, we always used this method - same size on both sides and the top, and finally 1 1/2 to double on the bottom, so your eye would flow upwards. Following that, you could lose that much on either side, say an inch, and on top as well, with leaving the bottom as is...


  • Sorry forgot to add you could also keep the same frame ratio but go slightly left or right so that your subject isn't dead center. In your case I like that one tree I cut off on the left, so I would go closer to his backside edge on the right, maybe showing only 1 tree there, instead of the 2, almost 3 I have now.

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