Wordpress users, I need recommendations for a illustrator portfolio friendly theme.

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    @xin-li I just subscribed to the adobe photography plan too! However, you’ll need to provide your own domain so I’m planning to buy mine from GoDaddy soon. It only costs around $1.50 usd per year for the first 2 years with GoDaddy. After I’ve done that, all I have to do is to connect that domain with my Adobe And I’ll begin building my own portfolio from there.

  • @xin-li What specifically is it you're looking to Wordpress to do for you that's more than you're getting right now?

  • @jdubz it is a mix. I want to cut back budget (WP is cheaper to run than squarespace). I also find squarespace is quite limiting in terms of enbeding a gallery display within a page layout. Maybe it is that I do not completely understand how things work in SS, but I can not see the possibility of customzing gallery bock very much in square space, no matter what template I use use.

  • @xin-li Ah gotcha. Yeah that makes sense. Wordpress can sometimes be a hammer when you need a lightbulb, but what you're saying about customization is not something you'll get with SquareSpace unless you spend more and then you'd need to know how to code in a more expansive gallery.

    The capability comes in I think on the Business tier, but they don't help you do it - it's more like you now CAN but you have to figure it out on your own 🙂

    What I might do instead of looking for a theme with a gallery is look for a basic free theme that is simple, elegant and easy to use, and then pay for a premium gallery plugin on Codecanyon for like $20. I bet you can find an elegant theme to handle the content that will like really nice that doesn't have a lot of bells or whistles. Then the separate gallery will give you way more options for displaying images than the theme itself ever would. Just looking quickly here's one that seems to have a ton of layout options and could literally plug into any theme.

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    @Nyrryl-Cadiz If I may suggest, Nyrryl, GoDaddy is actually not a site I recommend to get domains. They have a seemingly cheap deal to start, but what they don't tell you is at the cart stage they try to sell you a privacy/security add-on which is much more expensive. They say it's to keep you anonymous and prevent your personal information to be entered into the domain name registry, which is public and for all to see. Basically if you don't get their privacy add-on, they'll sell your info to whoever and you'll start receiving a ton of spam calls. Other domain services don't charge you the extra but they still keep you anonymous and don't sell your info! I recommend Google Domains or Namecheap, both are inexpensive ans safe to use. No hidden costs and the price doesn't go up after the first 2 years!

    I also heard that you can get a domain directly with Adobe Portfolio. It's one of the options listed when you go to the domains section in the settings, but I didn't actually test that out since I already had my own. If they're not more expensive, it might be worth to get your domain with them since their system to connect an outside domain to the portfolio is kind of confusing and complicated. They use techy terms and it's not user friendly. I actually had to look up video tutorials to figure out how to do it. So if you can avoid that and get your domain with them, might be better.

    Edit: I looked it up, Adobe Portfolio partnered with NameCheap to enable their easy domain buy and connect system: https://help.myportfolio.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037978074

  • @jdubz I think this is probably what I need. Thank you so much for the tips.

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    @NessIllustration hi! Thank you so much for letting me know. Good thing I still haven’t purchased from GoDaddy. Price-wise, Namecheap was my second choice but now that you’ve mentioned Godaddy’s security issue, I think I’ll go with Namecheap instead. Thanks again!

  • I'll recommend Google as the best place to get domains - this is primarily because no one is trying to SELL you anything. All these other providers want to sell you stuff that goes with the domain names, like private registration to hide your identity, for an additional fee. They also all have an intro deal than then rates up after the first renewal.

    Google is the normal price for domains all the time, you click on what you want, you buy it, and it comes with private registration automatically. No sales emails or rate ups or anything. In my opinion it's just the hassle free way to go.

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    @jdubz they’re still a bit pricey tho

  • Not many places are less than $12 when it's retail. I did notice namecheap is now giving away domain privacy. So if they kept doing that, you'd save a few bucks a year definitely.

    I can't believe Godaddy wants $18 a year now, which seems like a pretty steep incline from the previous few years.

    If you have anything with network solutions - get it outta there. There's a special place in hell for those gougers.

  • @xin-li I also use Wordpress with a theme from Theme Forest because they were quite cheap at the time and come with a bit of support, then I was able to find some answers on their forum (for more customised elements).

    But I'm not sur if it is the best for Children's book portfolio. @NessIllustration 's portfolio looks so professional (might be because the art is so good!) Great to be able to add double spreads in the layout.

  • Thank you so much for tips and info. I am glad I asked this question here. My current squarespace plan will run out in November this year. So I have planty of time to put together a wordpress website to replace SS. I am trying out different template on SS to figure out what is the main features I want to have, and what is missing. I think when I know what I want clearly, I will try to start with a free or a an afforable WP template, and purchase a very flexible premium gallery plugin. That is my plan for now :-).

    I might take a look of adobe solution. But I am leaning towards a more subscription independent solution.

    Here is my current website so far.

    It is pretty bear bone and more or less straight out of a SS template. I think I also need spend some time on typography and logo design to make the site look a bit more special.

    Let me know if you guys have any thoughts ont eh website so far.

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    @marine Aww thanks! My gallery is a masonry grid display and it's included in Adobe Portfolio features, but back when I was still on Wordpress I found a free plugin that did it too 🙂 Masonry grids are commonplace nowadays, not really a high ticket item anymore.

  • Hi @xin-li, website looks great. The simplicity allows visitors to focus on your art, which is beautiful!

  • @Jeremy-Ross thank you so much.

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