March contest WIP, feedback welcome

  • Hi guys! Hope everyone is healthy and holding out okay in these hectic times. I’ve been working on my piece for the March contest. I have to say it’s taken me a while to think of an idea I want to draw. This is where I’m at at the minute:

    Basically the setting is a school for witches. One witch is demonstrating her levitation skills but its gone a bit wrong...
    any feedback so far? I wasn’t sure which kind of things she should be levitating to have them crash and break on the ground

  • I really love your style, your characters are so so cute, and the story is great!

    For this image, I didn't get at first that it was on accident. Maybe it would be funny if she was accidentally levitating the teacher? Or something else to up the drama?

  • @carlianne Thank you! Yes I think cause the main girl's face has a smug expression it looks intentional, when I was trying to convey the moment before she realised it had all gone wrong! That could be fun though, it would make it more chaotic to have the teacher levitating too 🙂

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