WIP - March Feedback Sneezy Monster

  • Hi all! I'm thinking about doing something like this for the monthly prompt.


    I would love to know a couple of things!

    1. Is the story clear? (The monster sneezing is the cause of destruction.)

    2. Any suggestions or comments on composition?

    3. Is the placement of the text okay? I felt like I wanted to see the "aaahh" before him and the "chooo" afterwards, but I'm not sure it's working.

    Happy to hear any other feedback!

  • @carlianne This is so cute! I love the exaggerated poses! 😃

    I saw the "Choooo" first but since it's obvious that the monster is sneezing so I automatically found the "aaah" part also. I think it works!

  • @Neha-Rawat thank you so much Neha!!

  • Super cute! I think everything is working. If I'm being super picky, maybe raise the last H in aaaahhh just a hair. I think it will flow nicely with the rest of the letters and convey the inflection of aaahhhh even more.

    Nice concept!

  • image (1).png

    Continuing to work through this one. I wanted the yeti to make snow when he sneezes, would like to know if that's clear! Should I add more toys or stuff around the scene?

    This is my rough color pass, will clean up and detail and some shading.

  • @carlianne This is so cute. I only noticed the snow on the chair and ottoman after reading what you wrote and looking for it. The snow might show more if you had a different wall color.

    Some very little things: I had to look at the girl a little longer to see that it was a dress over pants (my guess is that this wouldn't be a problem once you refine it, but for now it's not reading as easily) and the yeti's horn closest to us is crowding his pink cheek a little.

    I love the little framed portraits of the two characters.

    It's so cute. 🙂

  • @carolinedrawing Thank you so much!! For this piece I'm trying to keep the full bg white intentionally, but I can see what else I can do to make the snow pop more! And great points on the horn and dress, I'll refine those next! ❤

  • @carlianne I love the energy and subtle colors of this piece.

    I wonder if you could use the photos to show the direction of the sneeze better. Everything else is moving away from the sneeze but those. Might look odd, but worth a try...

  • @theprairiefox oh interesting! I'll try it out.

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