Podcast idea: Keeping your art business afloat during the Corona Crisis

  • With the recent global developments and restrictions during the containment of the corona outbreak, I think it would be very valuable to discuss the impact of it all on artists.

    For instance, questions that come to mind are:

    • How can you make sure that you can still earn a basic income to cover your monthly bills, when people start to spend less on luxury items;
    • When working at home; How to handle it practically when children have to stay at home from daycare/school?
    • How to stay productive while the world around you is in panic?
    • How to best communicate delays in commissions and orders from your webshop to customers?
    • Should you right now focus less on certain tasks like: updating your portfolio, a postcard campaign for agents/publishers, starting a Kickstarter campaign, etc?
    Should we instead just focus on tasks that bring in steady and secure income right now? - if so: How to keep the fun alive?

    These are some questions I’m currently thinking over while the precautions in our country keep getting more strict and countries around us are already in lockdown.
    Maybe we can also brainstorm about this here.

  • Excellent idea. This week I was so distracted by current stresses I couldn't really get into the podcast. Which is saying something. I'm not known by anyone in he industry yet and this could be the nail in the coffin for me. Stressed about my husband's work and income. And of course the health of everyone around me. Yesterday I had a glimmer of hope thinking that if things move more to online than in person conference meetings etc that could be beneficial for me as I'm far away from any in person events anyhow. Trying to figure out silver linings

  • @Coley I understand! I think this situation asks for patience and adaptation. I’ve been thinking of ways to secure a basic income as well.

  • Great discussion, @nadyart. I was thinking about the same issue - art and income. From what I see, yes there is panic. But self-quarantine and lockdowns are also creating a strange new problem - boredom and disconnect.

    • Can artists start Bob Ross style shows to help people make art with whatever they have at home? Creating art for about 45 min is known to destress.
    • How can artists connect people digitally? The rise of digital pictionary style games?

    Just some ideas 🙂

  • @Coley You're right! This week was super stressful and such a roller coaster of emotions. It looks like most things are going digital. I guess we all live in the Matrix now.. lol

  • @uzma If you can offer free art demos or a kind of group art workout online for folks who come to your website, the increased volume may translate into income at a future date. Use the time to build a fan base. I think you'd make some friends if you could keep their children busy for a hour following you in an interactive art project.

  • I found this blog post that made me think of you. Although these resources are for the US, I think we can all share resources in a similar way for international artists. Looking at a list like this might help you get leads on what to look for in your area.

    The creators of this list are hosting a live webinar to discuss this in a couple hours. I will try to attend, but I'm not sure how my day will go yet. I'll report back if I discover anything useful.

  • @Kim-Hunter You're absolutely right. It's a great idea that needs to be taken advantage of. And this time is definitely great for growing your tribe. I'm thinking maybe using Facebook live instead of Instagram. Assuming they can view FB on a bigger screen. I'll post when I launch it 🙂 Thanks!

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