Hi guys!!! Opinions and critiques on this canvas commission?

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    Hi fellas!

    Hope you are all doing fine!
    Client wanted to give his 10 years old son a canvas ,based on a story his boy told him!
    I was more than happy to do that!
    The boy claimed he saw a naked little woman returning from school.
    Lie or not , it s picked my interest.
    And that dad deserves an award right??

    What do you think?
    Any critique appreciated!

    Hope you are all doing fine and well.
    Stay healthy !

    Giorgos Christopoulos / G.Chris.Artwork

  • It's looking good to me! Really cute. ☺ If I'm being really picky, maybe make it clearer that they are looking at eachother. It almost looks like they aren't quite looking at eachother because of her head position and his eye position. I also think that maybe showing slightly more of her silhouette through her wings could be cute. In my draw-over, I played with the gesture of her leg to see what it would look like. It makes her more relaxed, but I do like the energy that your pose brings to the character.


    Good job!

  • This is really cool! I like @TessaW's draw over. It makes a lot of sense.

    Maybe have her right hand in a wave action?

    And this is super nitpicky - but in the speech bubble, include some white in the tail as well. Right now it's all black so it's a little confusing to see who says the "Hi" because all the outlines are bold in black and the bubble is almost equidistant from the 2 characters. (even though once you see the boys expression it's obvious the girl said Hi but still to make it more clearer)

    Great drawing!

  • @TessaW thanks a lot! Those 2 little details sure look great. Love the idea of the leg. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do that draw over!

    @Neha-Rawat yes she did a nice job. I ll try the bubble! Client liked it, but we as artists really have to dig our own Graves! We have to remember that simple non artistic clients see none of the technical details, 😊
    Thanks a lot for the feedback! Appreciate it!!

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