Question for any 24HD Cintiq Folks

  • Hey all, if anyone has a 24HD cintiq, could I trouble you with a functional question? What I'm mainly wondering about is the parallax effect on the those specific models, which is the distance between where the pen touches and where it actually draws on the surface. The newer models it's nearly zero. That's the big thing the competitors seem to be trying to catching up on.

    I was looking to line up what tablet I'd be looking for next as an upgrade to my current one, and the 24HD seems like (at least financially) the best option at this point.

  • SVS OG

    @jdubz there’s a lot of reviews for 24HD cintiqs online, try to check them out. Also, I think @Kristin-Wauson owns one? Also try to ask her opinion on it.

  • Yeah I've tried to find a few, but I haven't found one that specifically addresses that.

    The main reason I'm wondering is that these other brands are WAY more affordable, and so far I've really been happy with my XP-Pen model (the 16"). And if the older 24HD's don't have better parallax distance than say the XP Pen or Artisul 24", then it might just be worth it to go that way as they keep getting better.

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