Might be a silly question but are board books in same realm as picture books in terms of publishing?

  • Are board books in same realm as picture books in terms of publishing? My goal is to eventually illustrate a picture book, but hadn't really thought about board books. I assume all relatively along the same lines? They're not the typical number of pages tho- far shorter with fewer words for the most part if I remember correctly. We've given most of ours to younger nephews.
    I've been doing some writing lately and I did have what I think is a pretty decent idea for a board book .....not a picture book so am looking for anyone's experience or knowledge or general 2 cents! 😁

  • Some differences might be that board books generally have less pages, and concepts are simpler, and the text is more paired down. A 1-2 year old is not going to sit for a story the same as a 3-5 year old. Also clarity in illustration is important. Clear emotions, and I think board book illos should not be too busy, the image should be easy to understand for a child who still has limitations in understanding our world. Great place to learn differences is to go to the bookstore and look at the differences there.

    Also I think that there is a bigger market for picture books than there is for board books. Meaning that more picture books are published a year than board books. Someone who has done great in board books is Salina Yoon. You could look up what she has done, and take some direction from there.

    I heard from a webinar with Naomi Kirsten (Chronicle Books), that publishers in general make less on boardbooks than picturebooks, because they can cost more to make, and they bring in less money, because compared to about $20 for a picturebook, boardbooks usually sell for closer to $10. The new taxes to books that came to effect this year in the US, put a damper on things, because now publishers have even tighter margins, and will be even more picky on what they put out.

    Hope that gives some insights to differences. 🙂

  • @MirkaH yes that's a helpful bit of info, thank you very much 🙂 I didn't know about new taxes on books in the U.S. That's awful. I'm in Canada and our province did that a few years ago and there was uproar. They cancelled the tax after a year or so.
    when my kids were little, board books were so great for not having them tear the books up haha. little stinkers. Someone needs to explain to babies and toddlers to not be tearing up books lol
    thanks again

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