Feedback Requested - New character, Thanks!

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    He's interesting. Is he a drunk? Cup head with bubbles makes me think that. He is fat, so his arms could be fatter, at least the upper arms. Maybe even a bit of a back fat roll.

    At the moment, the rocket doesn't add much. It's a bit confusing. I'm assuming it's a 'Murica, stereotype character or something, if that's the case, it's coming across pretty weak.

  • @CLCanadyArts Thanks for the feedback. I did intend for him to be fat-skinny. I see what you mean about the arms and I really like the back fat suggestion. There's no political or social commentary intended. Just a creature, possibly terrorizing a civilization by snatching their rockets, intended to harm him, out of the air. I would need to build an environment for context. Thanks again and your art is fantastic!

  • Fun! I have 3 suggestions:

    1. Hands- I'd recommend spending more time on designing the pose of the hands. Everything else feels pretty thought out, but the hands feel like an after thought. Since its a funny/gross character, the hands and their poses could be played up more.

    2. Overall pose- I think it might look fun to have his pelvis come forward a little to really emphasize his slouch.

    3. Jean and rocket details- Add detailing to the jeans- belt loops, waist band and fly. For the rocket- maybe a window or bolts and seams. You've put a lot of detail elsewhere that I think adding those additional details would be more consistent with the style you've established.

    Great job overall.

  • @TessaW Thank you! Yes, hands are often tough for me. I'll find some creative references and rework the poses. The suggestion to add details to the rocket and jeans is helpful. I see now that I did so in some features but didn't add much to those areas. Thanks again!

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