Creating Environments - help!

  • Hey everyone - I have a really difficult time creating environments for my characters...What I end up doing is only drawing close-ups, so that there's no distant background and it not only limits my work, but it makes it look amateur...Does anyone have any suggestions on exercises or classes/videos that can help with this? I'm gonna email Will here and ask if they can do a class on it (I haven't seen one, unless I missed it), but in the meantime I could really use some suggestions on how to fix this - it's gotten me so frustrated with and unhappy with my work...

  • SVS OG

    Did you see this one? (Creative Environment Design)

    I haven't taken it myself yet but I've seen some of the exercises others have done for it and it looks really helpful! It's on my to-do list 🙂

  • @Dulcie Omg you're my saviour! I wish I could "upvote" you a thousand times - I totally missed this one. I'm heading off to take this class now - I'll post an update after I'm done...Thank you Dulcie!

  • SVS OG

    Fabulous! Will be great to see how you get on!

  • I'm taking the class right now and so far it's awesome, but I wish Jake had a better microphone 😞 - I can barely hear him on this class (and I noticed that on Will's YouTube videos also - I can barely hear Jake when he talks in the background, so it's sometimes hard to understand what they're talking about)...Better microphone please, Jake! lol

  • What a great class... thank you Dulcie!!!

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