January "tracks in the snow" WIP

  • I might (emphasis on "might") have time to finish up a piece for January's prompt. I spent some time thinking about tracks in the snow...snow angels...angels... I'm looking for critiques for my composition and line art before tightening up my values and making color studies...
    Thank you all in advance...
    Snow Angels WIP
    Track line art.jpg

  • Hi @Laurasketches , I love your idea !
    You have a really good line of action between angels, girl and bird, I think that you can accentuate that dynamic moving a little bit elements (and maybe changing just a bit their size to have contrast and give more importance where you want). I don't know if it's what you want but I feel like the composition give more importance on the church (especially because of the right wing of the bird.
    I analyse deeply but honestly I really like it like it is right now. 😊

    I look forward to seeing the result ! 🙂

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