I'm learning Digital Sculpting

  • Hi guys, I haven't posted much here for a while because I'm working on an actual Illustration project- my first proper Illustration job in ages! (which I can't show much of yet unless I get permission first), but I wanted to show you some of my progress with 3D art which I started learning in 2018. I decided to learn Blender because it was free and there are lots of tutorials online.
    I made lots of things last year just learning modelling skills and what the software could do.

    This year I'm finally getting around to learning digital sculpting which I'm using Blender and 3D Coat to do it with. I just wrote a blog on it here: https://medium.com/the-art-squirrel/learning-digital-sculpting-from-a-2d-artists-perspective-an-introduction-b9f555d6c911
    Here is a model I made last year using 3D Coat:wood mouse.jpeg
    I'm working on a squirrel next. I've done a squirrel in 3D but I'm trying to improve on the last one I did.
    All the best 🙂

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