Determining rate to pay for a comic strip gag

  • I received a commission to redraw a joke I featured in a comic that I posted online. That joke was originally suggested by a friend of mine as I had asked him to fact check my comic (it was an instructional comic). The joke was so hilarious, there was no way I wanted to leave it out! There was never any discussion about who owns what or money to be paid, etc. since I was posting the comic for free. Also, my friend has always been really good about allowing me to run with whatever idea he happened to suggest with no monetary expectations despite the number of times I offered him.

    So I went ahead and made the drawing and shipped it to my customer. However, I feel that I should pay my friend something since I drew his joke and am getting paid for it. In other words, it’s kinda like (or maybe it is definitely) he’s the author and I’m the illustrator. So I offered him payment but don’t know how much would be fair. Thought I’d ask here.

    So my question is, what percentage would be fair for my friend? If it’s helpful, the amount that drew the comic is a two-digit figure 😉 It was a very simple, two-panel comic with little detail. And was a lot of fun to draw!

  • No professional awnser here but if he insists on refusing payment I would treat him to dinner 🙂 I have a lot of trouble accepting payments when doing things for friends but I never say no to a food treat haha 😂

  • Pro

    @danielerossi Yeah sounds like this is a situation best solved by buying him lunch 🙂 If you give him money you're putting an exact value on his help whichjust begs to come bite you in the a**. You don't want to sound like you're saying "your help is worth $10 to me" haha... Buying him lunch has more of a "Thank you so much for all of your help" vibe. Plus, food and company!

  • You both make excellent points. “My drawing is worth $75 but your idea only....” which isn’t my intention. Unfortunately, my friend lives in another country so lunch is hard to treat. I’ll need to be creative.

  • Ohh !! I did not get that part ! then maybe a gourmet basket ? depending on where they live and also if they can give you their adress because many countries also have uber eats/alternatives so if you sure they are home you can also send them lunch that way ! Or you can mail them a little something from your part of the world as well.

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