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  • SVS OG

    These are meant to be a rough and colorful style, just so we know that. The illustration depicts a cat and dog running for a fish on a dish and crashing. Which looks best? Would like to finish this. Thanks.





  • I choose the second one since you can see the fish and more of the mouse’s face.

    Mmmmm seafood.

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen , I also like the 2nd one the best.

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen I like the 'donut sprinkle' effect in the third one, and was wondering if that could be applied to the second option with the fish on a platter? Also, the orange 'commotion' bubble could be placed in such a way that the fish is seen a wee bit more clearly. Other than that, I love the second option! Great work! 🙂 Just noticed the dog's long tongue on the cat's face! That's hilarious!

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