CA law AB5 freelance killer?

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    Goes into effect Jan 1st 2020.

    Thoughts? So I've seen other states unwilling to hire freelancers from CA already. This would also mean those in CA could not hire freelancers from other states correct? Or am I wrong?

    Most of my freelance work is elsewhere than, CA, but I have had some great clients, including a current one, from CA...I also have future work lined up from a CA client that might be on the chopping block now.

  • I had not heard of this as I live in Oregon but I was very curious so I did some reading. It sounds to me like they can still hire independent contractors...they just have to jump through some extra hoops to prove that is what you are. It looks like a total mess though. Freelance artists shouldn't have a problem being classified as anything else but I can see how with other professions such as realtors and hair stylists this will be a nightmare.

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    @K-Flagg Yeah it was ok until up to 35 jobs in a calendar year, which seems like a lot but if you are doing small jobs they can add up quick. Like I do assets for games, but I try to get them to lump the jobs into groups. Some small game companies just hire when they get an idea, but it's not a set schedule and can be feast or famine when it comes to the amount of work.

    The only issue I've seen so far is people being let go because companies don't want to deal with it. As well as companies from other states not wanting to work with CA freelancers because of the law. I'd imagine it would be costly to actually classify people as an employee.

  • Ah I didn't read about the 35 jobs in a year thing...that is super lame. I am sure that there will be less work just because companies don't want to deal with the paperwork. 😞

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