Any one doing both children's books and editorial illustrations?

  • Wonder if anyone has experience working in both children's PB and editorial illustrations.

    Would like to try editorial illustrations in 2020, in addition to my current children's PB work. But not sure if this is the right place to discuss editorial illustration jobs, they are visual story telling too anyway. So far from what I read, it also starts from postcard, and perhaps, a bit more social/networking than PB illustration.

    Anyone has experience/tips? Thanks much!

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    Will Terry has a couple YouTube vids that talk about his early forays with editorial illustration, and I think both Lee White and Jake Parker have also mentioned in various 3-Point Perspective podcasts that they have also done editorial work. I think it's very rare that any illustrator does just one type of illustration for one particular aspect/flavor of the industry if they're trying to make a living at it...

    There are some books that discuss editorial work (illustration: Meeting the Brief by Alan Male and Becoming a Successful Illustrator by Derek Brazell and Jo Davies) that might offer some insight, maybe? I'm still working my way through both of them. They seem very broad, covering a LOT of options for multiple revenue streams and vocations.

    I think you're instincts are correct, though. Getting a list of publications you'd like to work for, then finding the correct contact person to whom to send postcards, then getting them sent is a great first step. It sounds archaic, but weirdly, it seems everyone says postcards seem to be more effective than email. I think it has to do with having an "artifact" that requires an action to pin up somewhere or collect or throw away or put somewhere.

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