Procreate 5 importing photoshop brushes.

  • I was excited to try out Procreate 5 today. The first thing I did was importing a set of PS brushes. I thought it felt a bit different when using the same brushes in PS and procreate. I am not 100% sure, as I did not have access to Cintiq during the weekend, so can not compare it side by side.

    Has anyone tried PS brushes on Procreate 5? What is your experience?

    Any other super cool tools you have discovered on procreate 5?

  • @xin-li I didn’t even know you could use ps brushes in procreate.
    I’m really delighted at how easy the procreate animation is to use.
    I’ve Also messaged them about canvas settings as they’ve changed quite a bit. I haven’t heard back yet though they’re normally pretty good.
    Every time I’ve asked them a question they have answered it

  • @xin-li I do use Procreate and Photoshop but from time to time I still stick to drawing traditionally as I'm a bit extra-picky with the feeling of drawing digital tools not always are able to mimic. I did check the public beta 5 and the brushes engine seems to be better but still very far from drawing with a screen tablet Cíntiq or Cíntiq alike, the animation feature is awesome though and the new brushes are cool too even though I use max ulishev's maxpacks most of the time.

  • @Tiago-Pinto thanks for sharing your expereince with procreate 5. I agree with you that paint traditionally is just felt so different, and digital tools can not really give the same feel.

  • Please let me know how this goes for you.

    The only brush I REALLY was hoping I could bring over effectively was my water color brushes, but they did not translate properly because the mechanics didn't match up.

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