Slovember critique

  • Hi guys, I totally missed out on the live critique! We were on the road and I couldn't tune in, tried to right at the end I think but it stopped working (I hope I didn't tune in with my mic on or something 😬 sorry if I did I've never used the zoom app before). So I don't know who's pieces got critiqued, did anyone see mine? (Hockey kids). Is there going to be a chance to watch it later? I hope so! And congrats to the winner.

  • Hi Connie! They post the videos on svs to stream later, and I believe I saw yours and it did get a critique 🙂

  • Hey Connie! Sorry that you missed the critique. Will and Lee did the critiques today. They were kind enough to crit every entry! And yes they both talked about yours.

    Some things they said about yours was that it was a nice quiet moment. The background was lovely. They mentioned that all the figures were lined up like a snap shot photo. Lee suggested to try doing a few more thumbnails (he suggests 50 thumbnail images)

    Those are thing things that I remember, but the video should be posted later so you can hear word for word what they said.

    Hope that helps!

  • Hello Connie! No need to worry about your mic being on when tuning in to Critique Arena. We have all the attendee's microphones muted by default. As @carlianne said, we post the recorded critiques to the Critique Arena course in the subscription. It will be added some time next week. Because the prompt was so broad this month Lee and Will critiqued all the entires so your piece was critiqued.

  • @carlianne thank you!

  • @PainterDraws Oh phew I had a bit of a panic when it disconnected and I tried to tune in again and there was an option to turn off the mic haha.

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