• @jdubz I didn't get that she was a ghost. Did you try making her transparent? I think of ghosts as being sorta see through.

  • @carlianne Ok good to know thanks! I've got to see how I can make this work 🙂

  • @carlianne Does making the edges of her transparent come across as ghostly??


  • Hmmm.... It's better, but I still don't think I would get it on the first read. When I think of transparent objects like a water glass, I think they look more transparent in the middle, and more opaque on the edges, maybe you could try that?

    I really like the concept by the way.

  • @carlianne I'm not sure I like the one with it transparent in the middle... it just feels kind of busy. I tried to quickly redraw her in "full ghost mode". How does that feel comparatively?


  • @jdubz I think full ghost mode works much better 🙂 You could even make her a tad more transparent and give her a glowy halo to really sell it

  • Oh yeah! I totally agree with Branden. Full ghost mode totally reads, more glow/transparency could be fun - but your call.

  • "full ghost mode" for the win.

  • Full ghost mode yes! Other option is to lighten her layer ( if she's on a separate layer) and have some background showing through? Really sweet! I love your style!

  • @jdubz I saw you said you were coloring over the value layer. Some people seem to be good at that but it's not my preference.

    Here's how I like to keep my values in check while coloring

    1. Create a new layer on top of all other layers.
    2. Fill that layer completely with white.
    3. Change that layer's blend mode to 'color'
      You can turn that layer on and off to see your painting in grayscale. I don't know if you already know that hack but learning that made my life so much better so I thought I'd throw it out there.

    Awesome painting by the way! I love the concept.

  • Thanks all - really sounds like that's the way to go. Really appreciate the feedback.

  • @Zachary-Drenski Ahhh interesting I see what you mean. What I ended up doing is create a hue/saturation adjustment layer at the top and set it to grayscale and then I just turn it off and on. It sounds like it's doing the exact same thing.

    I think I'm going to try some more of painting on the grayscale. It seems like the final result has a specific look I'd like to try and master, but it's really counterintuitive to how I want to work hah.

  • Cleaned up the cat and the girl and then added several more layers of glows to her, and then made her transparent in the middle to point @carlianne made which was it should be transparent in the middle. I think that worked a lot better!


  • @jdubz this reads clearly to me now! Great job!

  • Hey everyone, can I ask a favor?

    In the last few months I've been working on my iPad in a way that's just totally different than my desktop tablet. The drawing tools just end up being more rough and stylized versus more painterly which I've been doing the kind of work above. So instead of trying to make them match, I've tried to embrace the difference and just make that totally different style of art.

    Over Christmas break I had been doing a lot of different pieces and one of them I thought I might do this same prompt with the same subject matter/characters but see what the results would be. What I'm trying to do is get better at communicating the scene and what's going on.

    So I was hoping to get some feedback on how I'm communicating the subject matter. Does this more clearly communicate what's going on? Or did the first one do a better job of that?


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