My 2019 Christmas Card Art!

  • Here it is! The art that will be going out on my cards this year!

    A little background on the piece: I was lucky enough to witness a scene similar to this one a few weeks ago. Our local elk herd was coming down into the valley during a cold front that eventually turned into snow. The herd huddled up near the fence I was watching them from behind and the colors of the grass and mountains were so striking behind them, I just had to paint it. Have you ever seen animals like this up close in large numbers? It's so impressive!

    If you'd like one, feel free to sign up at any level on my patreon by the 5th of December so I can get them all ordered and sent out in time for Christmas! It will come with a little handwritten note from me on the inside as well as a quick doodle. 🙂

  • @Kasey-Snow Saw a herd like this in Estes Park a few times, back when I lived in Colorado. Always an experience!

  • @CosmoglotJay Yes! I live about an hour south of there and we have our own little local herd here, but they aren't usually quite so visible as this was! So it was certainly a neat moment. 😃

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