Dream portfolio-please help!

  • I’ve been seeing everyone doing this so I finally did it too, and wow I can definitely say it has been hugely eye opening! I feel like I’m never happy with my illustrations and comparing them to my dream portfolio I’m not surprised-they are nothing alike!

    I would really love some help in analysing my dream portfolio as I find it hard to find similarities besides the very basic things. I know that I love watery watercolours and inky outlines that are not too obvious, with background colours that blend into each other. One of my biggest goals is to replicate this digitally. I also seem to like limited colour palette, with stylised design but detail in the line work, and I love interesting light.

    I would really love any input including analysing dream portfolio, tips to achieve what I like and suggestions of other artists to check out


  • @anya-macleod

    Hi, I hope to try out a new set up for doing master studies that I will share once I have done an example. I will try to remember to tag you.

    1. A lot of your dream portfolio has either your main character right large upfront or smaller in a large background focus.
    2. I wouldn’t say you have a limited colour palette but you do favour browns.
    3. Your subject matter is very light (wonder and exploration and fun) like not heavy emotions. Also a light touch (that watercolour effect you mentioned). And I think your work matches this subject wise maybe not medium application wise (koala, horse and rider, autumn girl, mermaid - I really like).
    4. A lot of what you like your subject is in the middle and also your attracted to framing your characters (nature). You have the koala, and the pig in the meadow two different types of framing.

    Anyways it’s getting late here, I hope this helps. You are closer than you think to your dream portfolio, full steam ahead.
    Good night 🙂

  • @Heather-Boyd ooh that would be great, I actually haven't done any master studies before, but I want to!
    I actually find it so interesting that a lot of the pieces in the dream folio uses more muted colours and browns(although the John Baur work I just love the feel/style/subject matter not so much the brown) because I always thought I like right colours and most of my own work is more saturated, so that was a revelation! You're definitely right about the subject matter and framing, I think for me now I just want to try and nail that particular look I love, almost vintage watercolour style

  • Hi. We have a lot in common in our Dream portfolio. I have done one earlier this year. I also looked at Kim Minji, Dan Tavis, and Lisbeth Zwerger's watercolor work. I also love Daniel Miyares, and Sydney Smith's painting - their work has less or no lines though.

    I was also thinking of replicate the watercolor digitally. I did a master copy of one of Lee white's watercolor illustrations digitally. I think I learned a lot from doing that. But that also made me want to do illustrations using real watercolor. Now I am working on learning watercolor. I kind of feel that I need to know how the real thing works in order to better replicate digitally.

  • @xin-li ooh awesome I'll check out those artists thanks! I'm really hoping to figure out the digital watercolour, I'm struggling to keep the freshness that traditional has, good luck playing around with it, it's a lot of fun!
    P.s I looove your cloudy dragons

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