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  • Hello - I'm new to the forum but I've been listening to the SVS podcasts for a couple of months now and I'm a big fan!! I'm Rachel, a British artist and I live and work from my home studio in Brittany in France. I started slightly back to front in my art adventure by beginning painting on big canvases, which worked quite well but I quickly got frustrated when my imagination outrun my technical abilities. Anyhows, I'm really chuffed to have found SVS and to be slowly improving my drawing abilities by following the courses here. I've decided to take part in Slowvember because I love the idea of really getting to grips with a piece as I often have one idea and then run with it. So far I've been working according to Lee's suggestions and having done tons of thumbnails but now I'm a bit stuck as to where to go...My idea initially was to try and incorporate more people in my work, I also wanted the scene to be a little festive (but not overly so) and maybe include some buildings and trees etc in the background. I'm hoping to work on a largish scale (A3 ish) so can include quite a few details. Since I did so many thumbnails, which are very rough by the way, I had trouble choosing but it came down to these two in the end but now I'm stuck again, whether to choose the image with many people (who are meant to be Carol Singers) : I thought I could exploit facial expressions a bit here, or should I go for something where people are more in the background but where poses are still important, like the café scene? Thanks for any help! 🙂 PS: sorry for the poor image quality, the poor drawings and this extremely long-winded post!
    IMG_0946.jpeg IMG_0948.jpeg IMG_0947.jpg


  • Welcome to the forums 😃
    I'm far from an expert in this, i am learning this process right now as well, but i think it might help to define for yourself what the focal point is in this scene.
    Are the carol singers important or are they just part of the whole feeling to the image?
    A close up to something usually indicates it has significance.
    If you want to give an overal feeling first (= establishing shot) i would go for the broader more spectator view. and then go over to the close up if the carol singers are important.

    I think it comes down to is what you want to convey.

  • @Inge-Permentier Thanks! 🙂 You're right, I think I just need to make my mind up as to what I really want to show; I suppose since I don't really have many examples of people in my work it is probably best to go with the Carol Singers - maybe I could just find a way to combine the two. Thank you for your feedback, it's very helpful and much appreciated 🙂

  • You're welcome ^^

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