Lullabye sketches please critique

  • SVS OG

    I am putting together a book of Lullabyes that I wroet many years ago and wanted to add illustrations. Her are a couple of sketches I did last night.

    Here are the first coupld lines so you can get a sense of it. very simple song. I'm not a lyricist and my friend had to put notes to my music for me so...don't expect greatness here 🙂

    My little baby boy
    so small and soft and warm
    you snuggle close to me
    when I hold you in my arms.

    I hold you in my arms,
    your eyes are open wide
    then suddenly you smile
    and I hear a little sigh.

    I hear your little sigh

    Super simple words, easy tune. Do you feel either of these fit the song well enough or should I do something else? Also, if anythgn is way off on the drawing, feel fre to point it out 🙂 Thanks!


    Sorry, my cursor disappeared! I can't drag the other one in right now. ugh! Time to google hw to find a lost cursor on windows 🙂

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen

    Your sketch is very gentle and sweet! I feel like it could work to illustrate almost any lullaby because of that.

    That being said, I see a few minor things that deserve a second look.

    • His right leg (our left) anatomy is a little off. From this angle I don't think we would likely see the top of his foot like that.
    • Judging by his face perspective, it looks like the hat poof is wee bit off. I think it would be positioned to the left a little more? (our left)
    • I think there's one too many lines underneath his mouth. I get that one represents the lower lip and the other his chin. I think you could go without one or the other - probably the chin.
    • Instead of a pillow, maybe you could place him in his mother's arms? The poem really emphasized the relationship with him and his parent through their arms. Drawing him being held by some arms would really tie this piece to this particular lullaby. Going this route will probably require a redraw 🤷♂

    Hope that helps!

  • SVS OG

    @SFischer Thank you. Good points. The picture I couldn't load is a baby with a mom. I will have to redraw anyway because this is just a little sketch. Thanks for your critique. I'll work on it some more ☺

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