3 questions to shape your career as an illustrator

  • Hi everyone! The more layers I brake into the publishing world, the more questions I seem to have..
    So I realised it is important what sort of questions we should rather ask ourselves in order to carry on when life is salty lemonade or we get distracted.
    The questions shouldn't invoke expectations as answers but rather what to focus on. As if they are your compass showing you where North, Est and West are when lost in the woods.

    So what are your 3 core questions?


    'what does Success really means to me as an illustrator?'
    (Applicable to a Project, Partnership, 'The next few years, Life)

    'Who should I get in contact in order to get more work''
    (this can refere to industry -> company -> the decision maker in that company and it helps personalising the way I approach)

    'What can I bring new to the table or improve ?'

    I would love to hear what our SVS instructors' questions are, as much as everyone else.

  • @CatOnPaper

    My 3 questions relate a lot to my current state of need.

    1. What schedule is best for me to grow the type of work I need and want completed? (concerns to be considered revolve around health issues).

    2. What practical steps can I take to reach and maintain a consistent personal style, that will combine both traditional and digital work? (preference to include both but also concern for my health).

    3. What practical steps do I need to start to do to work towards the business side of Illustration?


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