Autodesk Sketchbook vs. Photoshop: I need your insight

  • So I have both of these programs. I realize that Photoshop is the industry standard, and that everyone uses it to create digital art these days (unless you are going the Procreate route which I am not because I cannot justify having an iPad AND a surface book 2) The trouble is that Photoshop is SO overwhelming. I just opened up Sketchbook and was able to do pretty much all I know how to do in Photoshop but without getting to a place of "Crap! What did I just do? How do I undo it? Ahhhh!!!" I found that I was MUCH better at it than my first poor pitiful attempts. I am pretty pleased with my results. Here is how it turned out:
    Inky and dandelion.jpg
    My question is this:
    Should I stick with Photoshop and persevere until I get the hang of it *(which might take generations...ugh) or should I get really good at Sketchbook first. I think that with more practice I can get high-quality digital art that mimics my traditional style with Sketchbook. However, I don't want to cripple myself in the future if I decide to pursue illustration after I retire from teaching.

    Help me oh wise people from the forums. What are your thoughts on the matter?

  • While it holds true that PS is used by many designers, I believe it boils down to what software you are comfortable using. An easy-to-use interface is key in the design process. You seem to have gotten the hang of Sketchbook as well, from the illustration you have shown here. To be on the safe side, it does help to know the basics of PS. However, do go with your artistic gut feeling. Hope this helps! All the best!

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