Has anyone tried Goteen for Dropshipping Holiday Cards or Print?

  • Hi, I'm designing some holiday cards, but I want to go through a drop shipper. I found one called Goteen, but since they're fairly new I think. I want to know what their print quality is for cards. I saw a video review. The quality looked pretty good on t-shirts and canvas. However, I'm still curious? Or do you know another great drop-shipper that aligns with Etsy besides printful.


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    @Jennyann Even if you get good recommendations, there's really nothing like ordering one to see for yourself. You also get to see the full experience - how long it takes to arrive, the packaging, etc. Good news is with drop shipping, it's inexpensive to order a test product and you don't have to get a large quantity.

  • @NessIllustration You're probably right... Thanks

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