What to do with old sketchbooks - especially after going down for the dirt nap?

  • What do you plan on doing with your old sketchbooks as you grow older (and when you go down for the dirt nap)?

    I have a pile of filled sketchbooks about 5 feet high and thousands of loose drawings.

    What do I do with them? Some have complete and finished artwork, some are simply sketches.

    Being single it is not like there is anyone to take care of them after I assume room temperature in 30 or 35 years and dumpstering them seems wrong.

    What are your plans?

  • @jimsz Use them as kindling for burning my body haha.


  • SVS OG

    I'll keep mine 🙂 I figure they will be worth something after i'm gone hehe. I do like Ace's idea though lol

  • I think I remember watching a video where Glenn Vilppu said he keeps every sketchbook he's ever had in a huge safe in his house.

  • Scan them and then give them away to friends. You'll still have a copy (not to mention more room from where they were piled) and they'll have something to remember you.

  • Once I get a decent pile I go through them and pull out stuff I still think worth saving. The rest goes in the trash unfortunately but who has got space for 15 years worth of sketch books?!
    I keep thinking I'll just make a tumblr where I post my sketch books from like age 15 on but... that's a lot of scanning.

  • lonelycatpress wrote: who has got space for 15 years worth of sketch books?!

    Hence the problem! Except it is not 15 years of sketchbooks. It is all my sketch books going back to when I was a kid in the 70's as well as thousands of loose drawings.

    I cleared out hundreds and hundreds of loose drawings and paintings about 10 years when they were returned to me by a licensing company. But, they are all building up again.

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