Would love honest critiques!

  • Hi SVS family!

    I was wondering if anyone would mind giving me some critiques on some of my Inktober pieces. For past Inktobers, I've done fan art, but this year I am really working on practicing illustrations with the hope that I can start creating a portfolio (I am working toward children's book illustration). This Inktober, I have been drawing a lot of things I've never drawn before (which is great!), but I would love some feedback to know what specifically to work on.

    I am aware that my perspective needs a lot of work (I plan on taking the Mastering Perspective class next). Any tips in that area would be awesome, as well as feedback on values and really anything else you have for me. I definitely would love some honest critique!

    (Please also feel free to suggest any specific SVS classes you think my work would benefit from.)

    Thank you so much!

    EDIT: I posted quite a few, so please feel free to critique only one or two, or to provide some feedback on weeknesses in my overall body of work.

    Now, for the drawings:


  • Your values are pretty good overall. They could be tweaked more in the image with the cabin, but I feel like they're one of your strong areas now, especially in the top image.

    Besides perspective, I think you need to work on making your characters' poses more dynamic. There's a class on posing characters here on SVS.

    I hope that helps.

  • @TwiggyT That does help, thank you!

  • Hi Nicole, welcome! That's awesome that you are drawing a lot of stuff you've never drawn before for this Inktober. You'll see a ton of growth that way. I would say the perspective class is definitely the right class to take. "How to Draw Everything" would also be a good one to follow up with, and I agree with @TwiggyT on the posing characters class.

    These pieces you've shown deal with a lot of complicated drawing problems, and it looks like you already have a pretty good spacial awareness, so taking those drawing focused classes will really give you a ton more freedom and fun to express yourself even more.

    Instead of critiquing these pieces now, I think it would be more helpful to offer critique as you start your perspective class and are actively thinking about the concepts. I'd challenge you to go back to a couple of these pieces and see if you can fix some of the perspective issues yourself, and then post for critique if needed.

    Good luck with your classes! We'll be here if you need help or feedback.

  • @TessaW Thanks! I appreciate that advice, Tessa! I am definitely going to hit the classes hard and push myself to put in the work of improving.

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