Finding Reference Pictures

  • Where do you go to find good reference of authentic facial expressions?

    I need a picture (or several) of a terrified toddler who's not screaming or sobbing (tear stains cheeks would be fine). I have no idea where to find that. A thought that came to mind would be to look in news stories or horror movies or something, but where do I even start?!

  • @Debra-Garcia Pinterest is always a good place to start, and that can bring you anywhere. You can try YouTube too for that specific query. I’m sure there are plenty of people who have filmed their child crying and uploaded it to the internet.

  • Pinterest is good or if you can think of a movie that has a similar theme, movies I find are a great resource.

    Or for a terrified expression and your having trouble finding one, use a mirror to sketch your own expression and then use that sketch as notes and apply that to a smaller toddler character.

    Or google baby memes 🙂


    This is a good reference for poses and expressions

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