The Magic Snowman! That wasn't

  • Hello everyone José here. I wanted to post this to showcase a cover I did for a project based in a 70s movie. I really like how it turned out but sadly the client/collaborator didn't.

    It is a cover/back cover for the book. The back hints at the ending of the movie and the front shows the main location along with our protagonists. I'm happy with it because I had been meaning to do a snowy scene for the old portfolio.

    By the way, any ideas on where to look for jobs?





    Character sheet.jpg

  • @Jose-A-Nieto sorry that it didn't work out with the client. The piece is nice.

    I am not sure about the story or if you were working with characters that were already designed or not. I think the character design is a little strange on the snowman (which might be why the client didn't like it.) Snowmen (I have made a few) don't really look like that, I would say he is a little "too human". He looks to me more like a guard that stayed out in the snow too long and froze. Again, if that is part of the story just ignore everything I said...

    Keep it up... something will work out.

  • @theprairiefox Thanks for your comment! Really appreciate it. The characters existed already, I just made them more round and cartoony. It was based on this movie:


  • @Jose-A-Nieto that makes more sense. Thanks for the link. That is a weird snowman, but you did a good job rendering it.

  • Hi Jose! The perspective is pretty fun on this piece. Will you be able to keep it for your portfolio? Why didn't the client like it?

  • Thanks @TessaW . Yeah she was really nice to let me use it as a portfolio piece. A more realistic style was needed. I can't complain thought, it was a very nice experience

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