My first book cover

  • image1.jpeg Hi everyone:) first post. Umm so this was intended for the 3rd thursday but i kinda missed it.. Speed is something i have to work on (embarrassed).
    So would really love to hear everyones thoughts. Hope you like it![image.jpeg](uploading 100%) italicised text

  • trying to post the image upright.. any hints?

  • svslearn book cover.jpeg
    well.. at least its bigger now, hopefully clearer

  • 1448099816396-svslearn-book-cover.png

    Here you go! I rotated it in Manga Studio. For some reason it wouldn't stay upright when rotated and saved in Preview (Mac). Not sure why?

    Anyway, it's a cool cover and I like it a lot. The mummy reaching around the chair is creepy, and you have good contrast between the dark feathers of the raven and the light upholstery. I might subdue the candle light just a little bit, because the eye is definitely drawn to it since it's so bright, and I'm not sure that's where you wanted the focal point to be.

    Thanks for sharing even though you weren't in time for the contest. 🙂

  • so nice of you, Thank you so much!
    you're right i should have turned the candle down.. but Ill keep all your comments in mind for next time.
    made my day:)

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