Painter 2019 is on sale - is it a good upgrade?

  • So until October 7th 2019 -Corel Painter 2019 is on sale for $114.00 CA saving me a whopping $385.00 CA if I accept. I have a Corel Essential few years back version. The price is really nice.

    Does anyone have Painter 2019 and how do you like it?
    If I bought it I could get it even if I don't have a previous Painter?
    When I move to a different computer/laptop/tablet (surface for ex) will I be able to not re-buy the program? As I bought it can I move it as I move systems?

    Thanks ā¤

  • @Heather-Boyd

    I haven't used painter essentials so I can't give you any comparison notes.

    However, apparently there's a humble bundle for Corel painter. Might save you even more money!

    As for your questions šŸ˜ƒ

    Does anyone have Painter 2019 and how do you like it?
    -It's fine. It can do pretty much everything you need a painting software to do. Is it mind blowing? No. Does it work? Fairly well. No big complaints. I'm used to it and I'm fast with it, so it's what I like to use.

    If I bought it I could get it even if I don't have a previous Painter?
    -What your buying should say 'upgrade' or 'full version'. I have no idea if you can upgrade painter essentials to painter 2019. So if it's an 'upgrade', then no, you can't use it if you don't have a previous version of painter. 'full version' then yiss.

    When I move to a different computer/laptop/tablet (surface for ex) will I be able to
    not re-buy the program? As I bought it can I move it as I move systems?

    Yup. Pretty sure you can. As long as you don't lose the key it should be fine.

    If you've got anymore questions lemme know šŸ™‚

  • @Braden-Hallett

    How does the bundle work? I have to be subscribed and then extra?

    Notice for upgrade is as follows:
    Online exclusive offer for loyal users (nice way to butter you up lols)
    Upgrade your digital art skills from painter essential to more pro-quality tools in painter 2019.....get a complete set of incredible tools etc...

    Thanks for the answered questions.

  • @Heather-Boyd I have no idea how humble bundle works. I haven't used it. Some people on the discord used it and were happy. The reason 2019 is making the rounds (cheap) is because they recently released painter 2020.

    If they're givin' you the offer in painter essentials then yeah, you'll be good. They wanna bump you up to painter 2019 so they can try and sell you the upgrade to painter 2020 :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes:

    And now worries šŸ™‚

  • Moderator

    @Braden-Hallett Thank you for sharing that!! I got it last night, it works perfectly and is completely legit.

    I love that you can choose from a massive list of charities to donate to. I chose a Seattle one that helps homeless into programs and such. There are slider bars so you can choose how much of your purchase goes to what group. It's set to give corel a big chunk, but I slid it down and sent like 97% to the charity, the rest split between corel and humble bundle.

    It doesn't look like I was forced into a subscription, I saw a thing where i could buy a subscription for $10+ a month, 10% off the first month. I payed with paypal and it didn't show as a reoccurring payment.

    Looking up the tos, if you do get a sub, and want to cancel, you have to cancel 7 days before the next billing to not be billed again. šŸ™‚

    It took a couple hours to download with my horrid internet connection, but it all worked. Amazing site, I wish I knew about them years ago.

  • @CLCanadyArts

    Iā€™d appreciate if you could run through the steps you took?

  • Moderator


    I went here:

    1. Click the green button that says "Get the bundle" No need to make an account.

    It will scroll you to the bottom of the page with a checkout option.

    1. Choose how much you want to spend. It has to be $25 or more to get painter. I chose the $25 option.

    Do NOT hit the orange add to cart button, that is to add the monthly subscription to your purchase.Unless you do want to subscribe.

    1. Below that choose if you want to share your name or remain anonymous.

    2. Below that is a drop down "choose where your money goes". Click that and the sliders will appear.

    It's set to give Corel $12.50, I reduced that to $1, and upped the charity slider. But if you click the charities arrow another drop down will appear with 3 charities. Click "be the match" and you can search for a charity you would like to donate to.

    I chose one, then slide the bars for make a wish down, and gamechanger down.

    I slid the humble tip down as well, but it's all up to you where you want the funds to go.

    1. After that Enter your e-mail below to sign up for newsletter e-mail adverts of new bundles and such, this is not to get a paid subscription. You need this to get your downloads.

    2. From there below you can click pay with card or paypal. I used paypal.

    3. You will get an e-mail that you click a link and it takes you to the download page, individual downloads for each program and brush pack. There are buttons to click to uncover the serial key for the specific program.

    4. download, Install painter, and insert the given key into the serial number box that pops up.

    You now have painter, and it's 100% legit.

  • Humble Bundle is a great little site! I've been using it since it first started out years ago, when it was a site that only offered video games at name-your-price in order to raise money for charities. Their products are always legit.

    Just follow the steps @CLCanadyArts wrote out and you'll be good to go. (Just bought mine thanks to this thread!)

  • I may buy the bundle to get some of that other software and brushes šŸ™‚

    Oh, by the way, for everyone buying painter, a PSA:

    Never buy corel painter brush packs. They are, almost entirely, garbage.

    I will be happy to share some basics and tips/tricks to making your own brushes if anyone wants šŸ™‚

  • @Braden-Hallett I have Painter 2018 there are some lovely brushes but I always find painter quite awkward to use, but I would say for that price buy it. I am trying out painter 2020 right now and there are some really good UI updates.

  • @DOTTYP Painter is definitely a different learning experience šŸ™‚ (mostly because there's really not many tutorials, lol)

    yeah they introduced a lot of handy interface updates in 2019 with the pallette drawers and custom menus n such. I'm sure 2020 has a few more, too.

    The reason I'm interested in 2020 someday (not today) is the program FINALLY is capable of utilizing the GPU. FINALLY. Some of those brushes are crazy processor intensive šŸ™‚

  • Thanks for the Humble Bundle tip. I've been wanting to try Painter for some time but just could never justify the expense because I was already using PS. Great time to check it out!

  • @Braden-Hallett 2020 does seem fast I will need to experiment for awhile the upgrade is $98 now, but that bundle does look good !

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