Finger painting and fill on GIMP.

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    Girl in Yellow Rocker. It's scrappy looking but, I like it.


  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen I like it too ! it has a unique style

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    Here's another finger painting I did tonight. Just needed to relax and have fun.

    cat and girl on rug.png

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    I tried something new tonight. I took an old pencil sketch from my sketchbook, loaded it into GIMP and just started using the bucket fill over the paper. I kind of like the effects. Haven't flattened it but will save it for later to mess around with maybe.


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    Another finger painting on a black canvas this time. Just a quickie. Practiced with copying and pasting and transform tools a little.


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    Playing in heaven and on earth. practicing wiht blur and layers.


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    I had soem time this m orning so decided to play with inkscape and GIMP again. I got stuck on Inkscape with soem problems so I switched over to some finger drawing and filling in again. Here's what I came up with this time. I am stayin gwith a friend with 4 adorable little blonde boys. When I looked up fro the computer I saw an image similar to this so yhat's what I went for. It's another loose rouch one but I like it okay.


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