What are you doing to prepare for Inktober?

  • Last year I had such a great time, and one of the biggest things I learned was that if I just attacked paper with some ink, I usually wasn't as happy as if I took my time and thought about and prepared a bit.

    So this year, I have my folder with all the dates and prompts and I'm gathering reference and coming up with associative word lists so that when the days arrive, I can just jump in and draw, knowing that I've actually done some idea work.

    What kinds of things are you doing to prepare?

  • @robgale great job prepping. That’s essentially what i did. I made a note on my phone categorizing each prompt into achievable concepts. Then I sketched out thumbnails in my in my ipad and in a mini sketchbook. then redrew it again in a nicer sletchbook for inking. So far I’ve finished 12 prompts. I have to because I really want to do inktober but also work part time and have class every week.

  • @robgale that sounds like a good plan! I'm doing a story this year, so I've written the words, and I'm designing the characters. The most important for me is testing the materials. That's how I found out last year that Windsor and Newton ink and tap water do not mix well!

  • @monkeymintaka that’s cool can’t wait to see what you make!

    Ugh same here... i was sad to find out the pentel pocket brushpens are not waterproof so when I tried to use watercolor on them it turned into a mess! I started using “Dr. Ph Martins bombay black” waterproof ink.

    The discovery of different tools is the fun part!

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