Stats comic strip

  • I sketched this on paper and scanned it into Photoshop to ink and color. Welcome to any feedback!?
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  • This is why I don't trust scientists! But some feedback for real, the lettering is a little to small for me to comfortably read on my phone.

  • Funny! The 3 diagonal panels work really well for this concept- good job! If I could offer any critique, it would be for the expressiveness of the physicist. In the first panel, he looks happy about the fire. In the panel where he's doing calculations, he also looks happy and his gesture is very relaxed. In my opinion the punch line will sell better if you amp up the tension with worried/concerned/determined facial expressions and gesture to contrast with the statistician's unconcerned attitude toward danger.

    Anyway, well done! Thanks for posting.

  • @TessaW What a great critique! Thank you so much.....I could have changed the body language for sure to amp up the emotion and tension of the situation, which would add to the comic. Thanks again.

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