September Prompt WIP - Monster Under the Bed

  • For the September Monthly Challenge, I decided to go with:

    Everyone was shocked to see her show up to school with the monster under her bed.

    I wanted to show the girl riding in on her bed (cowgirl-style) while wrangling the monster underneath. The girl is having a grand ole time. The monster is a little tired but otherwise unphased. The teacher and other kids are (well) shocked, as per the prompt and mostly taking cover under the teacher's desk. Is this how the sketch is reading? Feedback welcome.

    I had originally wanted the monster to be some type of scary unicorn, but decided to go with something more cartoony. I left the unicorn horn on him in this sketch but can modify/remove it if it isn't working.

  • What a fun idea!

    Our point of view is pretty high right now. I wonder if it was shifted to be a little closer to the girl running away, a bit lower and rotated to the right, might make for a more dynamic composition.

    More things would overlap in perspective, the fore ground girl could be larger and a bit of a silhouetted framing element, and it would also help sell the scale of the huge monster under the bed.

    Love the concept! I can’t wait to see how it develops!

  • @Shara-Mills good idea! A lower POV would also give a better view of the kids under the desk. I was having trouble with that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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